How much would a q6600 bottleneck a 7850

my current system is
4gb ddr2 ram
intel dq965
q6600 stock clocks
550watt psu
32 bit windows xp
i am upgrading later in the year completely and getting windows 7 but i was just wondering how much this system would bottleneck a radeon 7850
thanks dont care if it is just an estimate
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    My guess would be that it shouldn't bottleneck it much If anything I think the ram will be a bit more of a bottleneck then your CPU will cause that CPU is quite fast as it is.
    My other gaming rig has the same CPU and ram but different GPu and the ram is the bottleneck of the entire system
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  3. Your going to end up with less than 2Gb of usable RAM in your computer if you get a 7850. A 32bit OS can only address 4Gb of memory, that 4Gb includes the video cards memory, and since 7850s all have 2Gb Vram your going to limit your system as long as you remain on 32bit Xp.
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