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I just went out and bought a gtx 570hd sc. I upgraded from a amd 5750. I installed and booted the system and got the lastest drivers and then started to play some games. well when I play every other game execpt rage I get hugh frame rate problems. so did some reseach and it looked like my psu was under powered it was a 500w earthwatts so I upgraded to a 650w earthwatts installed it and the same thing happens. Now heres what I find funny i put my old hd 5750 back in and all the games run at lower framerate but do not lag like they do one the gtx 570. I've tried old drives, beta drivers, I even took the card back and got a brand new one same problem as before.

my system is a gigabyte ep45-un3p with a intel q8200 oc to 3.15ghz, psu is a 650 earthwatts, gtx 570hd sc,2x2gb kingston ram pc2-6400 running at 1ghz and timing is 5-5-5-18, hitach 1tb 7200rpm 15mb cache.

so just to clear it up I run most of the games at plus 60fps at 1920x1080 but even when they drop one fps the game stutters i can put it on the lowest setting and change res but no matter what it still stutters. Then when i put back in my ati card it runs at lower frams but does not stutter
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  1. You might be getting a CPU bottleneck.Try further.
  2. how far can you push a q8200
  3. You should only need to get to around 3.4ghz or 3.6ghz.I'm sure people have pushed ir further than that.Do you have an aftermarket CPU cooler?
  4. Did you completely uninstall the ATI drivers ?

    1. Uninstall nVidia Drivers, reboot
    2. Uninstall ATI drivers, reboot
    3. Remove card
    4. Clean registry of all things nVidia / ATI w/ Ccleaner, reboot
    5. Install card
    6. Boot to windows, don't let it install anything
    7. Install latest drivers.
  5. i can only get it to run at 3.20 ghz after that it will not boot. anything i can do to make it run higher
  6. How can it be the cpu bottlenecking the gpu if the amd card does not shutter?
  7. yes i do have a aftermarket cpu cooler
    it runs low 60c
  8. Did you try giving it more voltage?

    The GTX570 is at least 4 times as fast as the 5750.If the CPU can't process at the same speed of the GTX570 it will slow it down.

    Why don't you give Jack's post a try and then well see if you really need to O.C. more or not.
  9. i have it at 1.50v right now can i go higher than that i'm not the experienced in oc
  10. After looking around it seems that you probably won't get more out of it.Not sure what else you should do.The only other possiblity I see is upgrading to a different platform.
  11. so but is this problem a classic sign of bottle necking
  12. well thanks for all the help. what would be a good processor should I upgrade to a sandy bridge or wait for the new sandy bridge-e or the ivy bridge that come out next year. do you think it will be worth the wait
  13. I've bridge is a totally different socket(2011).Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge E will use the same socket so it makes more sense to go with a Sandy Bridge.As it stands Sandy Bridge is still very powerful and I wouldn't think you would need to upgrade from that for another couple years.I would go for a Sandy Bridge just so the GTX570 doesn't get bottlenecked.It really is a very powerful card and it's terrible if your holding it back.

    In the end the decision is up to you.
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