Why cant my m15x laptop play minecraft without a slow framerate

why cant my m15x alienware laptop play games without a slow framerate. it can hardly play minecraft without a slow framerate
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  1. Cause it's an alienware, DUH!
  2. Why don't you post your actual config?

    But anyways Alienwares will have a decent GPU. Do the following:
    1. Run a scan and clear out viruses
    2. Defrag your HDD.
    3. Clear out your cache and clean your registry.

    If the problem still persists open up the back case and use a blower to take off lint, dust etc. It makes a difference.

    Let us know what happens mate!!!!
  3. If your Alienware is one of the one's that has Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching then it may be because your laptop is using the integrated graphics to run Minecraft. If so, this site gives you the steps to fix it. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/79742-solved-laptop-under-performing-low-fps/
  4. run 3d mark 11 and let us know the score. that will tell us if there is a general problem with performance or just one limited to minecraft.
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