Is this a sign of my graphics card failing?

Everything with my computer and monitor are just fine.
Then I go to play a game. Doesn't matter how old or how large the game file is
Super Granny to Might and Magic 8 to JMQ2
all of a sudden my monitor screen gets all shaky a lot and when it turn the game off the monitor continues the shakes.
I have to turn my computer off and later come back and turn it on. Everything is fine.
Only the games cause this.
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  1. What do you mean by shaky? is there distortion/discoloration on your screen?
  2. Hi Blazorthon,
    no discolor it just shakes like jello very fast from left to right.
    The screen doesn't change size or lose any color.
    Hmmm I guess it looks as if I'm shaking my head back and forth really fast.
  3. have you tried updating your video card drivers?
    try your motherboard chipset drivers also.
  4. You checked with another computer to make sure it's not the monitor?
  5. "...Only the games cause this. ".
    I would say Not your chipset or monitor.
    more like it is you card or in some cases the PSU.
  6. Sounds like the wrong refresh rate.
  7. It'sa probably overheating, download HWmonitor and let it run in the background while you plat a game, post max gpu temps here
  8. Thank you all for your input.
    I'm one of those people that know nothing about a computer.
    This is a new computer (8 months) Hewlitt Packard.
    My sister says it's more like a flutter.
    It's happening now so I can't type any more.
  9. Sounds like your running windows native driver with your monitor and it runs a resolution/emulate a refresh rate which your monitor can't handle.

    Install a driver for your monitor. If you can't find one make one with Rivatuner
  10. I thank you all for your help ;-)
    I ended up calling HP and they are replacing the monitor.
    They ran a bunch of tests and it wasn't my pc.
    Thank you again.
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