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I am trying to upgrade my system, duron from pentium 3. I need new motherboard to go with my duron. I'm trying to be cheap here btw. In order to save costs I'm thinking of sticking with my pc100 ram that I have right now. What kind of performance will I loose by doing this. I can't afford DDR and I want to make sure that going for the pc133 will be worth it. Can anyone tell me what i can expect from a duron 800 matched up with pc100 ram compared to pc133 and DRR? Thx.
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  1. I suggest getting some good CAS2 PC133 RAM from Crucial or Mushkin.

    -MP Jesse
  2. The price difference between PC100 and PC133 is so small that you may as well go for the PC 133. Besides, RAM is cheap right now.

    Why do I even try?
  3. the thing is that i already have 256mb pc100 ram and i wanted to know if the performance boost from pc133 is pretty good.
  4. Do you know if your old memory is Cas2 or Cas3. I think the difference between these two is greater than between PC100 and PC133. I could be wrong though.
  5. even if you get the CAS3 ram, at 133 you should be able to run it at Cas2 on 100mhz

    -AMD's are not for the faint of heart... Intels? those are for newbies :o)-
  6. Since I am looking to replace my 256 pc100 (cas3) with 256mb pc133 on a duron system I want to know if the performance gain going from pc100 to pc133 would be enough.
    The Clock cycle is 10 ns so isn't the standard 7.5 now?
  7. I consider memory to be crucial part of a system.
    I have 256mb 7.5 pc133 micron I paid $140 for 2 mo. ago.
    I overcolcked to 149mhz and got a big perf. jump!
    Now it's less then $100. 200mhz DDR is $70 for 128mb.
    CAS 2 and 2-2-2 are better then 7.5 but I think there more $ then 200DDR.
    Get the best you can afford or use your 100 & wait for the $ to drop.
    Recomend my duron 600 (oc to 1000) or athlon 850 is cheap.
    Mboard: abit or asus (oc'rs)
    Read Tom's articles before buying and use pricewatch.com.
    Good Luck Kelder!
  8. Thx man, that was a big help. I think I will be replacing my pc100 with pc133 for overclocking sakes. DDR is just way too expensive right now. This machine is meant mostly for rendering so memory is a huge part of the machine.
    Any brand you'd suggest I use?
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  9. Are micron / Infenion good memory for overclocking? If not, what are?
  10. cas 2 is faster and more$.
    cas 2-2-2 is even better.
    cas is the time the mem waits before acting.
    cas 3@133 is cas 2@100mhz.
    Micron is good mem for a good $
    my cas3 133 is pretty good. it oc'd to 149.
  11. thx for the info
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