GTX 460 Crashing Problem!!

I recently purchased EVGA 1GB SC GTX 460 and been having somewierd issues. Randomly the screen will go black for around 2-3
seconds and then it will come back on. This is only on occasions though ive seen it happpen maybe 5 or 6 times. This is while im just surfing the internet or just doing something on the desktop ive never had this problem in game. During the time the screen went black the gpu usage said it was at like some number in the hundred thousands. :o Ive got a 600watt psu so i dont think power is a problem. And plus this is when the gpu is basicly idling. Any thoughts or suggestions??

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  1. Welcome to the forums.
    Do you get a "Display driver has stopped working suddenly" message on the try icons ? are you running win 7 ?
  2. No and i am running windows 7 64 bit
  3. ok, try to update your video card to the latest nVidia driver
    EDIT: update to the latest driver and see what's happening, also lower the refresh rate to 60 HZ and try to change the connector, if DVI switch to HDMI or vice versa.
  4. I have the latest drivers. I will try some of that other stuff but its hard to tell since this happens on a random basis.
  5. if your GPU is overclocked try to downclock it a little bit
  6. the problem you're telling i'm sure it's the "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" this happens with both AMD and nVida cards, it's more related to a windows bug, try uninstalling the current drivers clean uninstall then reinstall them
  7. make sure you try a HDMI cable
  8. I have the same problem with an MSI 560-ti. what helped (but not completely solved) was to go into nvidia options and turn the power management to always full and changed the settings to program controled.

    it still glitches and does weird things on start up after the login but once its loaded up it never goes wrong.

    the only thing that I havent tried in this thread is to change the cable. currently im using a DVI to VGA converter (that came with the card) and plugged into a full HD samsung 32' LCD. I do plan to buy an HDMI cable soon and ill let you know how it goes...
  9. used the HDMI cable and zero problems. :) it doesnt look as crisp but so much better having everything running properly.
  10. does it crash?
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