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My system shows 8 cpu but in task manager only one is running. I use XP Pro 32 bit with Intel i7 and an ASRock H61M-VS motherboard. Do I need to re install XP (which would be lots of work as Ihave lots of other software) or is there an easy and relatively foolproof way to enable all 8 to run?
Many thanks if you can help.
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  1. Your system only has one CPU. it has 4 cores and 8 threads.

    Why(on earth) are you running XP 32 bit on an i7? Where did this drive come from that it already has a ton of programs on it? If you just pulled it out of an.old.PC there's a whole host of other potential problems. If it came out of a single core PC its not going to work right. Is XP at least updated to service pack 3?

    First go into task manage/view/CPU history and make sure you don't have it set to only show one graph for all CPUs. Make sure any max cpuid settings in the BIOS are disabled.
  2. You should run Win 7 64 bit for better performance and multitasking :)
  3. Assuming you are using a separate graph for each core, just change the CPU driver in the device manager. Upgrade it to the multi core driver.
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