First time builder looking for component advice and compatibility

Hey so this is going to be my first time building a pc and will probably purchase the parts on boxing day from hoping they have a sale on the components i've been looking at. My question here is simply if all these components will work well together (I believe they will) and if there are any recommendations of alternatives you guys should think I should take a look at. I am willing to spend a decent amount of money on this PC; right around $1800. I was a computer that will last a few years will that will be upgradeable along the way. Also beside all the components I put why I am picking each piece.

Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 650D - $189.99 (I like the cable management in this case)

CPU: Intel i7-2600k Sandy Bridge 3.4 ghz - $329.99 (for gaming and multi-tasking) or i5- 2500k?

CPU Fan: Zalman CNPS9500 - $49.99 - Good reviews

ASUS P8Z68-V PRO LGA 1155 - $204.99 - Good reviews and seems to have everything I need. Open to ideas here please! Possibly sabertooth? or any other recommended brand other than Asus

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB - $90.99 - Good Price for 16GB and is DDR3 1600

Harddrive: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1.5TB SATA III 7200 RPM - $209.99 - Would like advice here. Should I go with a Solid State (I am avoiding it due to the price/GB but will it be worth it? and any recommendations if you do?)

Video Card: 1x AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB - $279.99 - I have 3 monitors to hook up and will probably crossfire in the future with another 6950

PSU: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 850W Bronze - $149.99 - Good reviews

Blu-ray Drive: Samsung Black Internal Blu-ray Drive - $54.99 - Looks good and is blu-ray

Thanks for checking this out guys! Any advice is greatly appreciated. If I forgot anything let me know.
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  1. You can get 2TB for $170 USD
    Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"
  2. SSD is the only way to go. It improves performance so much, so I would definitely get one without question, especially based on your budget. Stick with the samsun 830, crucial m4, or vertex 3 max iops (or just a vertex 3) those are the most popular and reliable ones from what I've read.

    If you have an old HDD don't buy a new one, just format the old one and put it in your new rig.

    16gb of ram is overkill, but it's your choice if you want to get it (I'm sure in another year or 2 everyone will be recommending 16gb anyway). You can get the 8gb ripjaws CL8 for around $45-50

    As for the mobo- I love Asus, but I saved about $75 and went with an asrock board. They are feature-packed (only issue with mine is that it doesn't have USB3.0 pins on the board for my case, but that's a complete non-issue because of the 2 usb 3.0's on the i/o panel). You can't go wrong with an Asus board but if you want to save some $$ go with a cheaper one.

    I'm not very good with wattage requirements and power supplies, but I'm fairly certain you don't need 850watts even if you crossfire, althought $150 isn't bad.

    i7 compared to i5... I'm sure you've read everyone's response to that argument. If you are strictly gaming with standard pc use, you won't need the i-7 but again that choice is yours.

    Long story short all the components are fine, people on here will just point you to possibly cheaper parts with the same features (such as the mobo) but in the end, it's your money and your build. Good luck with it, sounds like it will be a beast!
  3. Thanks Cripple for the great response. Also Dr. Heckyl thanks for finding that HDD.

    I know 16GB of RAM is overkill at the monent but for an extra $40-50 why not lol. Its a cheap way to eliminate a possible bottleneck.

    Of course I love to save money but I am one of those people that if I am going to spend the money, I might as well spend a little bit more and get exactly what I want without really comprimising. I am looking to build a beast lol.

    As for the SSD, I have been thinking of going for it and with your comment I think it tipped me over the edge in deciding to do it. What size do you think would be enough for me since I do not want to be spending a ton of money on just one SSD. I'm guessing I want the OS (of course) as well as the games I play to be on the SSD and with all other data to be on a HDD?

    For the PSU, I have seen too many people having problems with their supplies not giving enough juice after adding parts. I did the wattage calculation so I do know that I am not required to go for a 850W PSU but I chose that to leave some margin of error and possible upgrades in the future that might need more power.

    With the mobo could people give me some specific ideas of ones to take a look at? I am open to different manufacturers and would like to keep it around $225. I just like the asus boards and they seem to be overall the most reliable when looking at reviews.
  4. So after doing some more research about CPU's and because my system is going to be primarily used for gaming and word processing, I think I'll go with the i5-2500k instead.
    I havent gone to look for it yet but would after crossfiring two 6950's would this create a bottleneck in the processor that wouldnt exist with the i7-2600k? As this is my first build I am still very inexperience with this type of stuff and do research slowly.
  5. You can get a 60gb ssd for around $100, most people go for a 128gb which run between $200-300 (i went with the m4, purchased for $210). Just stick with one of the top sellers for whichever size you spring for and you should be fine. They fixed most of the issues (supposedly) with the sandforce controllers so with firmware updates none should have any issues.

    If you choose to get the i5 it will not be a bottleneck, even with 2 6950's down the road.

    I love asus boards, and if you're going all out i'd say stick with your choice or go for the sabertooth
  6. Thanks again for the info. I think I will go with the SSD around 120 GB and then a 1TB HDD along side it.
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