Crossfire Build Advice please!

I currently have a low-high end system built I would like to upgrade without changing the cpu or gpu.
Its an asrock am2 motherboard with an amd phenom II x6 1066t and a sapphire radeon hd 6750.

I am definitely upgrading the motherboard and planning to invest in a really good one capable of 4 way crossfire (and sli if that's possible, is it? i might plan to change over to nvidia in the future) I am not changing the cpu for a couple of months (eventually to the bulldozer) and I would like to know if the processor I have will handle 4 ati gpus in crossfire. If not will the bulldozer? I will won't be installing 4 right off the bat, maybe just 2 or 3 for now but I want to be able to install a fourth card in the future. I've seen stories of too many gpus "bottlenecking" the cpu. I know my current processor isn't really that powerful compared to other modern processors and that quad core i5's will benchmark faster than my 6 core...but I got this processor for a hundred dollars and would like to stay in my budget limits (thanks to amd I can do that) more cores helps with video rendering right? I edit HD so it would help. So I am sticking with amd processors for now.
And now to the second part. I am most likely going and would like to use the current ati card I have right now in the new setup and it can only be paired with the same card or the 6770...will a 1x6750 and 3x6770 be okay? I will probably just put in one more 6770 but what is the equivalent to a 6750 and a 6770 in crossfire? a 6950? 6970? And when I put in a third 6750/6770 assuming my current cpu can handle...will it be more powerful that the 6990? Because that card is like 800 dollars and i got my 6750 for 80 bucks and would save me money :) And then an eventual 4 (with bulldozer if my phenom II can't handle it) would be as powerful as two 6950's?...If this is all true I want to do this and now comes to my next question....HEAT, cause I know an eventual 4 gpu build would need a beast cooling assuming...what is recommended? Will it be super loud with all the fans?
Also would 16 gb of ram be okay for a 4 gpu build?
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  1. LOL so after some quick research I found that the hd 6750 isn't really a good card at all and will perform horribly at crossfire with more 6750's or 6770's....I wish I had known about crossfire a month ago..I would have never gotten this card AHH...I can no longer exchange it but I'll probably just sell it on kijiji or craigslist for 50 bucks lol...

    I def plan to get another one soon now (most likely this weekend) and im thinking the hd 6850...after some research I see that as the common budget card for "crossfiring"..but since my whole plan has backfired because of this rebranded video card I got, I am willing to spend up to 200 for this new one card and will probably do a mother board upgrade later on... if it is worth is...are there any ati cards that will perform better than the hd 6850 in 2 way crossfire? 3 way? and 4 way? that are NOT over 200
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