Best case airflow for nzxt m59 with cm v10 cpu cooler

this is my first time to post in this section, and I would really appreciate the input regarding this matter, my system is
case:nzxt m59
cpu cooler:cooler master v10
cpu:fx 6100
graphic card: gigabyte 6950
one ssd and one hhd for storage.
this case has 5 fans, one 120cm front, one 120 side panel fan, 2 140 cm top fans, and one 120 rear fan.
ideally I would have front and side fans as intake and the rest as exhaust but due to the weird design of the cooler master v10 I am a little confused, I currently have one fan at the top not 2 fans which acts as an exhoust.
I would really appreciate the input on what sort of airflow configuration should I stick with since my graphic card is overclocked and am going to overclock my processor soon.
my system temps are.

21-28c idle processor temp
44.5c underload processor
42c gpu temp idle
58c gpu underload.

I really appreciate the help.
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  2. thank you for the reply, the links you sent me was very helpful, I learned alot from it, I have placed the top fan close to the back fan and I have got pretty impressive results, appreantly when the top fan was placed closer to the cd rom it was sucking the hot air upward which resulted in the cm v10 cpu fan sucking the hot air through the cpu fins and exhousting it from the back, when I placed it in the 2nd position closer to the back exhoust fan it helped the exhoust fan in pushing the hot air out of the case without it passing throught the cpu fins.
    my temps was 46.5c to 44c.
    I have got 2 front fans 80cm and 120cm 1 side fan 120cm and one top 140cm and the exhoust 120cm.
    thank you for the links again :)
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