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Radeon 6950 2gb or 560 Ti 1gb

Alright im getting a custom build gaming cpu, and from all the research im deciding whether to go with the 6950 or the 560 Ti, seems like people favor either or

proccessor:i5 2500k
ram:8gb ddr3
motherboard:Asus p8z68-v LX
going with a 20 inch widescreen monitor, so please help on which would be better for performance
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  1. I have the 560ti and it runs wonderfully, but you can't go wrong with either one. I believe an extra perk with the 6950 2gb is the ability to unlock it and get close to the same performance as a 6970
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    there is really not a lot of difference. Depending on game one card may be a little better than the other. both can be overclocked quite well. I guess look at some benchmarks and think about what games you play most, and chose the gfx card that is better at those games. you honestly wont be disappointed with either, they are both good. they are both a bit overkill for a 20 inch monitor. You could probably step up to a 23" monitor for a few extra dollars, and save some dollars by going with the 1gb version of either card. either way make sure you get a good PSU to power this setup, not a cheap brand.
  3. i mean i like the 560 for the price and everything but im just not sure if it will put out the same performance or if not better
  4. my plan is to just use my computer for World of warcraft and starcraft 2, so either of these graphics card will run either just fine?
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  6. Yeah lol, Starcraft 2 on ULTRA SETTINGS on a 1900x1200 resolution will run great with either one at like 80 FPS ...enjoy :D
  7. either well run just fine, they go back and forward in benchmarks. so you can't go wrong with either. i'm actually debating between the two at this point. always been a amd/ati guy but wouldn't mind going with a nvidia card.
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