Suggest Me Best 5.1 Speakers

Hello .. m' using Z68AGD80 (b3) Mother board which is having THX Certification :)

I use 40% for music 30% for gaming 30% movies

At present I am having Creative SBS A300 2.1 speakers having decent quality but I want big sound with awesome quality

I want to hear every string sound very clearly I love music

Please suggest me some speakers I have Logitech Z906 in my mind what you guys says about it ..

Please see I am not so expert in this technical field but I will learn if you want me Please tell me some thing about this speakers world :o

I will try to understand
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  1. Klipsch if you can find them. Bose, Harmon Kardon, Altec Lansing & JBL. Logitech and Creative high end models are good.
  2. if you want "the best" speakers, you can be spending $1000's of dollars on a full home theatre setup and should forget computer speakers. If you want something good value for money then yes, logitech are pretty decent.
  3. Hello .. Here I found some good brands like Klipsch , Logitech, Creative ..

    But as per my knowledge all products from the same brand are not good (Like Creative)

    I dont know about others kindly suggest me Benchmarked Speakers 5.1 and add your experince ..

    Please see : I am just like you dont want to loose money unnecessarily
  4. Klipsch sells a good set, but I think that they have abandoned the product. Here are the best computer speakers from Bose;
  5. how about audioengine bx5/6 or active monitor, try to test 5.1 speaker with 2.1 or stereo, from z680 (logitech) now iam using floorstand & pioneer a-227
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