USB Keyboard and Mouse not working in Windows.


Right, my USB keyboard and Mice have stopped working in Windows 7. As soon as I boot into the login screen there's no response from either.

I believe it is a USB hub driver issue, as the last thing I did was install some drivers to get a PS3 game controller to work, restarted and bam, no mouse or keyboard input.

Now I'm stuck. Boot into safe mode, same thing. Keyboard and Mice work fine in the BIOS. It has to be the drivers that I ran that has messed it up? I've plugged in the mouse and keyboard into various USB ports at the front and back of the case.

Now here in lies my problem, if I had any PS/2 ports I'd be sorted. My motherboard does not have any! For the life of me I do not know how I can roll down my drivers without a working input.

I am on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Is there anything anyone can suggest? With no working mouse or keyboard and no PS/2 ports I do not know how to uninstall those drivers or reinstall working drivers.
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  1. Can you go into the Bios and chose Default settings?
  2. Yep, no avail. I've been looking into the drivers that I installed and it was the libusb driver.

    Apparently this can cause the USB ports to become irresponsive, now I'm looking into ways to revert back to some sort of working system so I can delete some of the driver files and fingers crossed can get it working again.
  3. Reinstall chipset support drivers off cd that came with your motherboard, should put thing rights.
  4. I resolved it. The ASUS P8Z68-V Gen 3 MoBo CD that I received was hopeless, I couldn't get it to boot into anything, other than giving me a few DOS line prompts it didn't really help me.

    I ran Ubuntu off a USB drive and deleted libusb0.dll and libusb0.sys off of c:\windows\SysWOW64, rebooted to windows, waited a while and all was well.
  5. Hi There Last

    Im in the same boat and as it goes Im hoping to connect my Hard drive to my friends PC delete it from his copy of windows and then stick it back in my machine and hopefully it will all work and I can uninstall the Program and Never look at it again.

    could you email me if u had to remove your USB devices after windows booted or anything like that
  6. Yeh I unplugged everything other than my Keyboard and Mouse.

    I strongly suggest using a live USB/CD of Ubuntu and just deleting the file. It was easy and painless. You just need another PC to be able to download it.
  7. Thanks Last,

    I managed to get into my hardrive via another PC and deleted the two above mentioned files (same effect as Ubantu) but It didn't work for me I was still stuck with no keyboard and mouse in Windows. (and Safe mode)

    I found this whole experience a lesson and a harsh one at that. If your mobo has a PS/2 port on the back its pretty painless as most USB keyboards come with a USB>PS/2 adaptor allowing you to uninstall libUSB program.

    But if your like me with a mobo that doesn't have a PS/2 port and when u try to repair it says no probs were found and when u try to roll back your windows a few days it says "no restore points are present" you are pretty much up S**t Creek without a paddle. I even attempted remote desktop with my wifes laptop and as I hadn't enabled remote access on my machine (and ofc no way to enable it now as no mouse/keyB) that was a loss too.

    My Solution = Fresh install of Win 7 :0( ........Im quite lucky in that my SSD only holds Win7 and SWTOR. all my other programs, files, Music & Pictures etc are on my slave drive so I dont loose anything but its still a ball ache I could of done without.

    Lesson is read all the text before installing something your not familiar with....

    From my experience im never installing that on this machine again. Its been the longest 48hrs of my computing life (im 30.) on the flip side, my windows boots from post alot faster now :o)
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