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So, after waiting a while to get some upgrades for my ancient PC, i decided to change my old E2140 for a Q660 as i don't really have the cash for an i5 i7, new mobo and ram gets expensive, anyway Q660went in no problem staying nice and cool with my Artic pro 7 HSF all was good.
Then i i upped my RAM from 4GB to 6GB again went smoothly, last upgrade was swapping my HD5450 with a Sapphire HD6870, this is where my problems started, card went in fine, installed the latest drivers, everything seemed good, then i strated to get some random BSOD's (one blaming my LAN drivers another throwing up my memory as bad) and a few instances of the pc resetting by itself.
Posted on here a few days ago and got to see what could be causing it and the response was that my CIT 550w psu was probably not handling he new components and that i could really do with getting a new branded psu.
unfortunately that morning while on facebook my pc reset itself, feeling very frustrated i to try removing the ram and gpu and reseating them, which i did plugged everything back in and got no beep or post, (cold sweats start :( ) after trying all i could think of CMOS clear no ram or gpu gave 3 short beeps no drives connected etc, nothing worked, then my brother suggested trying my old cpu, so as a last resort i did and it posted fine, leading me to think that the Q660 had died, i have cleaned it up to check for any burn mark but i can't see anything, i now think there may be a possiblity that i might have put too much arctic 5 paste on the heatsink and cpu, i know im clutching at straws but if anyone can suggest anything or at least confirm the the cpu is most likely dead, i would be really grateful as ive only had the Q660 in my system for 3 weeks.

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  1. sounds like your overloading your psu, but there are a few things to do before confirming that. run memtest86+ to check for ram issues, if you have mixed and matched different ram types that can cause issues and even memtest might not pick them up. Update to the latest BIOS for your motherboard, this can often fix issues. But I think you should replace the psu anyway to a more reliable brand that can actually produce its rated power.
  2. Forgot to mention that i have got a new psu An OCZ Modstream x pro 700w and that has not solved the issue, the Q660 will not post, but my old E2140 fires up no problem, really annoyed as it cost me £60 and i feel like i wasted my money :(
  3. Anybody have an ideas??
  4. Oh well, things are going from bad to worse, not wanting to be defeated i thought id give my Q660 one more try, removed my E2140, cleaned up the heatsink, banged the quad back in, set everything back up and still no beep or post, now feeling totally deflated, i thought fine ill just make do with the E2140 for now, so i put it back in with fresh thermal paste, and now the E2140 will not post, i want to tear my hair out with it, i can't believe that two CPU's could be dead, neither show any signs of damage, mobo seems ok, if anyone can think of anything that i can try or what might be causing it i would be really grateful.
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