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Should i buy gtx 460, 550 ti or 560?

i'm currently running on a radeon hd 5450. looking to upgrade soon. already got the prices checked. but the problem stands whether i should get a gtx 460, 550 ti or 560. all 3 are from axle and 1gb ddr5 (was hoping to get asus but too pricey and i'm from sri lanka btw). i'm running a 450W psu. i tried finding some info on axle products on the net but came blank. are asus and axle products very different? right now i'm going for the gtx560. i'm running a 19" monitor. plays most games on 1280*1024. so if i cut down to the 460 or 550 ti will i suffer in future games?
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  1. I think that at the resolution at which you play games the 460 or 550 Ti would be sufficient. If you want peace of mind then go for the 560.
  2. thanks. what is better 460 or 550 ti? and i was also hoping to get an insight into axle vs asus differences.
  3. If you have the intention of keeping your 19" monitor indefinitely a GTX 550 Ti will be plenty. Might as well save the money over a GTX 460.
  4. 460's performance is better but more expensive and power-supply. I think you should buy 550Ti because you 350w power and C/P value . I suggest to buy gigabyte 550Ti for his 10cm big and quiet fan.
  5. i have a 450W psu. but can upgrade if the requirements are higher. axle is the lowest price products i could find here. but that brings another question.Asus GTX 550 Ti 1GB DDR5 DirectCU is the same price as axle GTX 460 1GB DDR5 and axle GTX 550 Ti 1GB is less than that. i can afford both. which should i buy?
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    What exactly is the '450W' PSU? AFAIK no one sells a decent 450W PSU in Sri Lanka. Everything decent I've seen is 500W+ with the exception of the Axle 400W (which is pretty good). If it's a generic 450W that came with the PC, it's probably got a true output of around 220W. Check on that first. Chances are you're going to need a new PSU as well.

    Also, Axle is a great brand for the price. And knowing the agents, you will get the best customer service and warranty you can find in the country, period.

    About the card, I run a Axle HD5770 which is almost identical to a GTX550Ti, and it kinda reached it's limit with the BF3 Beta at 1280x1024. You might want to go for the GTX460 or HD6850 which costs the same.
  7. well i'm not sure what the psu is. will check on that. but was hoping to upgrade it as well so no probs there. its good to know that axle products are good. that was my only doubt since i have never tried or heard someone owning an axle product before. gtx 460 it is then. thanks to all the replies guys.
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