Sli gtx 280 or single gtx 560 ti??

Hi guys, i have single gtx 280, and i think add another gtx 280 for sli, but its good idea? Or its better choice go for a sngle gtx 560 ti?

My rig..

I5 750 3.4
Evga ftw 200
Evga gtx 280
Bfg 800w
Res. 1680x1050
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  1. Sell the 280, get the 560, go crazy <3
  2. Yeah, absolutely agree with above me, sell your GTX280 and get GTX 560 Ti... and... Happy Gaming... :D

    Take a look at this:
    I know that's GTX285 vs GTX560 Ti, but that's for comparison.
    (You always can add another 560 later in the future to boost your performance)
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