Will different brands of RAMs will be a problem

Hi all
I want to update my laptop's RAM.
So will it be a problem if the manufactures brand and the newly added brands are different .
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  1. Not necessarily. Just try to match up the voltage exactly then get close to the same timings. Timings will default to the slowest set so there is no reason to spend extra money on it. Also check out different sites like Corsair, who will tell you which of their products is designed to work with your brand and model laptop.
  2. Go to crucial.com. They have a program that will check your computer and show you what spec memory you need. The brand dose not matter but the spec do.
  3. May try CPU-Z ( www.cpuid.com/) , memory tab , look for a RAM with matching frequency , latency and voltage < other details are also listed > .

    Manufacturer / Make do not matter much however if you get same make it would be great .
  4. Thanks for the reply .
    After buying it i will definitely let you know..
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