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Okay, I have unlocked my 900 Tbird and it runs great at 1050 Mhz. I'm using an A7V but was thinking of selling it (which won't be a problem) and getting an A7V133 instead. I have some really good infineon PC 133 CAS 2 ram and was wondering if the A7V133 would let me run the fsb at 133 mhz and the ram at 166. I'm pretty sure this ram will make it as I've tested it to 164 Mhz CAS 3 in another system. I was thinking of changing from 100 x 10.5 with my ram at 133 to 133 x 8 for 1066 with my ram at 166. Would this work?

Why do I even try?
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  1. All the new 133 MHz (266 DDR) motherboard based on the KT133A run the FSB and RAM at the same speed 100MHz or 133MHz. This can already be done with your existing motherboard with some extra cooling (possibly without). But with your existing motherboard you should also be able to up the memory speed without affecting the FSB as well.
  2. Right now I have the fsb at 100 and the memory at 133. I can't even up the fsb 5 MHz due to instability. I wanted to get it up higher so I was looking to the 133A boards. But you're telling me that the memory can't run async in the 133A boards?

    Why do I even try?
  3. The 133A boards will only run with the FSB and RAM in sync. But the older 133 boards cannot get up to much higher FSB's. However raising the FSB should not give that much of a performance boost because it is double pumped making it effectivly faster and with a greater capacity then the RAM bus.

    So a 133A based motherboard is will not give much of a performance boost except when doing disk intensive applications like Video Editing. But only a 133A (or AMD760) will get the FSB up to 133MHz.

    I hope that helped but I cannot really see a reason for the upgrade. The new boards are at a price premium and don't give a huge performance boost
  4. Actually, they just posted an article on anandtech that says the fsb and memory on the 133A can run async to 121/151 mhz.

    Why do I even try?
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