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Hi, i purchased a intel dz77re-75k extreme series motherboard with 32gb ripjaws x 1866,,,,,apparently the motherboard memory controller only supports a maximum of 1600...since this is my 1st pc build im really not that educated in this world. i spoke to intel in the chat and the guy really wasnt that helpfull....all he said was " the memory controller doesnt support more than originaly what i did was in the bios there was a memory setting which was at its default settings of 1333 and there was a button you can slide that goes to since my ram is 1866 i moved it to that and pressed f10 to save and shut of my pc automatically and rebooted and made 3 beeps and shut off , and keeped repeating the same thing without me doing anything...turned on 3 beeps shuts off non stop..the whole time also the screen was blank and my monitor light instead of being blue was staying in orange/yellow...i figure the board doesnt recognize the intel chat guy made me remove the battery for 10 mins to clear the csom and it reset all the bios to default...he wouldnt help me any what's up? board sucks? can i make it accept the 1866 without it doing that blank screen 3 beeps turn on and off ...thx for any help you guys can give..
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  1. Hi, Try installing CPU-Z and read the settings under SPD. You can either set those values manually or try enabling XMP in BIOS.
    However, I would run the RAMs at default settings. It's safer.
  2. Hi , found a technical document on your motherboard .. Page 11 does list support for DDR3 1066 MHz to +2400 MHz DIMMs . I believe you are trying for 3rd Gen Intel core processor ( only they support 1600 MHz and higher )

    The only way would be resetting to default and try to stabilize at lower frequency
    Even trying 2 RAM in SODIMM to isolate any compatibility issues , might help .

    .. I am sure there is nothing wrong with either your RAM / mother board ..

    Though I am not an expert , just sharing from my experience , sometimes different CAS/ latency timing or mismatched RAM [ frequency , Higher & lower with setting for Higher frequency causes Motherboard to halt ]
  3. start with looking at the bios rev of the mb. the newest bios is 061 on intel web page.

    most bios patches will have new code for cpu and ram.
    take a look at the ram itself. most z77 mb and x68 now look for 1.5v ram or less voltage. make sure not the older 1.65v ram your trying to run. also with install of the ram make sure first two dimms are in the right banks. most new mb have a0 and b0 and a a1 and b1 bank. most mb look for one dimm in a0 or a1 but with two they look for two dimms in a0 and b0. or a1 and b1.
    one thing also as intel doesd not have a long line of tested ram for the mb. try three dimms. some time with some mb and ram 4 dimms wont post.
  4. Like said its is likely you will have to manually set the speed of the FSB for the memory in the bios, and the timing latency of that memory at the speed it wants to run at.
    There should be an Xmp mode option in the bios to do this, but sometimes even that requires you make some manual tweaks. All the information as I am sure you know as to the memory setting will be found on a sticker placed on each memory stick.
    If done right all your problems should be solved, as one more tip do check the voltage the memory sticks require to run stable and also check the bios has set the voltage right. I have known in some cases as a bit of advice where for an example memory fails due to this. and doing a very small voltage tweak puts things right Btw.
    Good luck.
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