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can someone help me plz. About 2 months ago i had a power surge happen.:(
windows happen to be loading at the time surge happen. Took me a lil bit but i got some money up and changed the harddrive and grafics card. now it has been just freezing up and having to turn it off manually. So i left if off while i was at work and came home to work on it some more and no pc turns on fans run no beep and black screen any ideas?
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  1. any suggestions?
  2. freeze would happen on windows logo screen or it would freeze 30 secs into loading the desktop. when i was able to play my online game there would be boxs with the tops flickering and weapons and characters heads. sometimes computer wouldnt freeze for days. Computer froze alot last night as i was in bios so i gave up as it was late and had to work this morning. So i come home from work to look at it and no i get no beeps and the orange light on monitor just stays like it in in hibernation mode. Took the memory sticks out turned on the computer and no beeps either. Would me prob be motherboard power supply or memory sticks?
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    changed the harddrive and grafics card

    So you are starting the process of elimination... but from the wrong end. From the wall socket, start with the PSU, then motherboard - these usually (well, modern) have surge protection to protect the other components (e.g. CPU) down the power line by sacrificing itself.

    Maybe list you motherboard, PSU and whatnot to see if people here know how to tell what signals to look for.
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