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Good Power Supply and Video Card for 300 dollars

I'm receiving a friend's computer. The computer is medium-high end. I just need to add a new video card, and for the new video card, I'll need a new power supply. I have a budget of 300 dollars, and I'm looking to run BF3 on High-Ultra. Can anyone give some recommendations on which PSU and GPU I need to buy? The motherboard is 24 pin. I'll need to power a high end video card, a cd/dvd burner, a cd/dvd reader, 2 Hdd's, a 65w cpu, 3 4 80mm case fans, and some led's.
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  1. Depending on video card, you could get away with a 550 watt PSU. With a little luck and a sale price, you could get a nice PSU for $75, leaving you with $225 for a radeon 6950.
  2. Do you know any good PSU's? I don't understand the difference between single rail and multiple rail PSU's. If a video card says that it needs 24A on the 12v rail, would a dual rail psu with 18A on each rail work?
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    Great GPU
    Great deal on a power supply.

    looks to be about 280 after MIR otherwise you would be 10 over
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