Crossfire question/Sli

Hello fellow members and enthusiast.

I have a few questions about crossfire and sli.

My Setup atm.

Core i5 2500
Gigabyte ga-z68ma-d2h-b3
XFX-6950 1gb
12gb ddr3 1600 HyperX (4x2)(2x2)
1tb Seagate Hdd
750w Cooler Master GX Psu.

1. If i add a second 6950, say for example a 2gb version, does crossfire still work? and which ram will it utilize? the 1gb or 2gb?

2. My motherboard has secondary pci-e slot running at 8x, but i have a feeling adding a secondary card might interfere with the I/O ports, usb, and sound. I don't have a picture so ill post a link.

3. Or i should just wait for another year too see the options nvidia and amd will bring out?
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  1. Crossfire is being devloped by AMD/ATI and SLI is by Nvidia.

    The above link should expain a little more for you, not sure "HOW" indepth it goes..

  2. Thanks for replying so quick ill have a read.
  3. Ive just had a quick skip through of it, very iinformative to be fair.. 8 pages mind :)
  4. mmmm my 1st question not really answered. but thanks though

    i had a browse though the forum and my first question is answered the 2gb board will lower the memory to 1gb.
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