AMD FX-8120 3.1 and 2x560Ti's

Is there somewhere I can go to learn about this subject:

"Will my Processor bottleneck my GPU's?... for dummies... please..."

I want this processor for sure. (Intel fanboys need not comment)
I WANT 2x 560Ti's running in SLi mode.

Will I see a significant bottleneck or is my speculation correct of maybe a 1-2% decrease in performance?
I know the 8 cores SEEM redundant as games only use 4 cores at max it seems with online gaming and all, but I do MUCH MUCH more than just gaming with my PC. It's literally an extension of my very being. No I don't live in my mother's basement either. I live in my own basement... which isn't really much different lol. IN ALL SERIOUSNESS! I am a fan of AMD and always will be. My wife is probably more-so than me. We are putting a LOT of thought into this build and want to figure this particular problem out once and for all. Thanks for all the help everyone! This place has always been the best source for information on the internet.
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  1. Monitor resolution? Multi-monitor setup? Which games are you looking at?
  2. WR2 said:
    Monitor resolution? Multi-monitor setup? Which games are you looking at?

    1 Monitor setup. I have the Dell S2009W so my max resolution will be 1600x900.
    Skyrim and Tribes Ascend mostly. Might try some other new games. Not playing BF3 or MW3 or anything like that.
  3. your resolution i think only one 560Ti will be more than enough.anw the answer in your question is no!
  4. 7870.
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