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Hi, i'm building my next pc and i don't know which mobo buy. I'm going to buy a 2500K and i want to buy later a GTX670/660ti SLI (which of these do you recommend me?) but i don't know a lot about mobos so which i have to buy? Thanks
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  1. You may need a better power supply for sli mode, unless yours is at least 750 watts. I recommend the asrock extreme 4 or msi thunderbolt z77a-G45 (newegg links aren't working today).
  2. I have a z77 extreme 4 and it's pretty good. I really like the UEFI bios and the board got me up to a 4.4ghz overclock on my 3570k. Can't really complain.
  3. I agree with the ASRock Extreme 4 motherboard choice. As for SLI, unless you are gaming on three monitors, I always recommend the single fastest gpu you can afford.
  4. I'd recommend getting a 3570K instead of the 2500K - lower power, more IPC, PCI3.0 (might matter down the line).
  5. Get i5-3570k, and a Gigabyte U3H

    Extreme 4 is not a good motherboard. It's a 4+1, they lied about 8+4
  6. I can't speak to the 4+1 or 8+4 and "good" is really subjective. I love my Extreme4 and am sold on ASRock unless something goes very wrong in the coming years.

    Even if it's 4+1, I got mine to 4.4GHz on auto voltage rock stable. Good enough for me and it's the right price.
  7. If you must have the 2500 you don't need a Z77 mobo. AZ68 will do and there are lots of deals on them. Giving you more money for the gpu.
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