Random system freezes after ram upgrade

Hi there!

I have a Compaq CQ1131ES system and I changed the stock 2gb ram memory module (M378B5773CH0-CH9) to two new 8gb modules (same model).

The setup is a prebuilt system as follows:

Motherboard: H-AFT1-uDTX-1 (Adina2)
Ram: M378B5773CH0-CH9
APU: AMD e450 with Radeon HD6320
PSU(external): 65 W (100 V-240 V) , 19 V CC

VGA Output to monitor.
Logitech G15 keyboard
Compaq stock mouse

Following HP advice for memory upgrading:

Single channel
DIMM DDR3 240pins
PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333)
Not ECC, unbuffered

I bought 2 x PSD38G13332H 8GB modules.

However, the os (win7 home premium 64bits) freezes randomly after booting with the 2 modules in the sockets. May be 2 mins, maybe 30, but hangs everytime i boot that setup.

After checking with Memtest86 (on a livecd) no error is detected after 3:30 hours passing.

The following setups DO work (system doesnt crash/freeze):

- Module PSD38G13332H 1 alone (8gb) on black socket.
- Module PSD38G13332H 1 alone (8gb) on blue socket.
- Module PSD38G13332H 2 alone (8gb) on black socket.
- Module PSD38G13332H 2 alone (8gb) on blue socket.
- Module PSD38G13332H 1 (8gb) on black socket y original module M378B5773CH0-CH9 (2gb) on blue socket.

The system has the same behaviour on linux (64 bits), so i think is a hardware trouble.

I also updated the bios to the v7.14 without changes.

Could be a ram problem? Is because of psu not handling both + plugged stuff?

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. how many passes did memtest complete in 3 1/2 hrs? i'd run it for 12/24 hours before deciding memory is good or not.

    I would actually run a manufacturer hard drive diag on your drive, and don't just run the short test, run the long/extended test.
  2. 1 pass only, i wanted to do another tests to check if it was caused by APU drivers and/or OS.

    I will run the HP Diag tool then.
  3. 1 pass in memtest doesn't cut it, i've had errors start to show ONLY after 5 passes. but still run the hdd diag and get back to us with the results
  4. I would send the memory back and then buy some name brand crusial or other named brand ram like kingston. sound like there a mb issue when you load it down with those two dimms.
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