Do you lose sound quality with FP audio ?

hiya, wanted to know if you lose any sound quality with fp audio vs pluging headphones directly into the back of the sound card. one last thing too..lets say, if I don't lose any quality using fp audio. would I, if i used this:

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  1. if this is a onboard card the sound will be same quality but for a extension card could be something else hard to tell there so many good headphones on the market ,if you dont need those connector why you want to buy them
  2. this is for a sound card. the extension cable is for hiding the ugly fp audio cable. I just want the extension cable for looks but I don't want it if it will make me lose sound quality. first i wanted to know if the fp audio connector makes me lose any sound quality when i have my headset plugged into it, vs the back of the computer
  3. this cable is used only to extend the internal one when is too short to connect front and motherboard wont change the audio quality,if you got a good quality headset the sound quality will be the same since your connected on the sound card
  4. The longer the cable the more likely you are to have signal degradation or the line. So yes the FP connecter will likely have a lower quality than the back, will you be able to hear this is up for debate as it depends on the quality of the cable going to the front and the quality of the wire going to your headset. Because the lower the quality of the cable the greater the degradation will be over a given distance. Of course it also depends on how good your ears are and your perception of what you hear.. (So many variables)

    Basically the only thing that could be said is try it out and hear it yourself the only one that can really give a good answer for what is right for you in this case is you.
  5. In practice it would be very difficult to notice a difference.

    Usually when we talk about quality loss we're talking about poor quality, LONG wires in a setup with high quality headphones, sound card and of course the music.
  6. Well, you will lose SOME quality due to electrical interference on the analog signal. Using high end headsets, you can detect this. But for normal audio equipment, the quality loss is minimal.
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