ASUS Sabertooth P67 overheating

Hello there!
I have a problem with my computer, my mobo is overheating badly, thermal armor is just don't know what to say...
I need help in figuring out what to do here.
My specs are:
CPU: i7-2600k (no overclocking) + noctua nh-d14 flow 2 rear (temps on load around 60C)
MB: Asus Sabertooth P67
Memory: Corsair CMX16G 1333 (4x4gb)
SSD+HDD: Vertex 3 (on marvel, on intel i get bsod's) + Samsung 1Tb
GPU: Zotac GTX580 + accelero xtreme plus II (temps on load 55-57C)
PSU: Corsair 850w
Case: CM 690 II advanced (Front fan - in, Rear - Out, Top x2 - Out).
Win7 x64

So my problem is - when I run different games - motherboard starts to overheat, especially USB 3.0 gets > 60.
Just after few minutes when game is running I put hand over case Top fans - I feel warm air flow. It did not bother me much before, just a little bit of warm air to my feet :) and it were simple games like Dota 2, Sniper Elite2, Darksiders, Blacklight Retribution. Yet I still sense sometime stuttering, slow performance.
While running latest FPS games I launch - cinematic is ok, but after few minutes FPS drops to a slideshow. For example FarCry 3.

Just as I launch any game - I hear PSU spin up and warm air is exhausting trough top fans. And PSU is on the bottom of the case.
I even opened case when everything was on load to feel what is causing the heat: CPU cooler - warm. GPU - warm, PSU exhaust slightly warm air. Only thing that's left is that hot air comes from under Thermal Armor...

I've read reviews that 50mm fan helps to lose about 5C, but I do not think that that's the case.

BIOS - latest, Drivers too.

Can you advise me on further actions? Or suggest please another mobo under 150$ (I was thinking about MSI Z68A-G43)
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  1. Those CPU load temps seem high with your heat sink fan and no overclock.

    My overclocked (4.2Ghz) 2600k stays under 70C with a two-fan hyper 212 on IBT. Games don't even break into the 60's IIRC.

    You have much better cooling and lower clock speed. The only variable that would explain your temps (Other than a bad cooling solution/installation) is voltage.

    Can you run CPU-Z and see what your voltage is under load? And HWmonitor to check temps other than CPU.

    Even with my temps, I still get a lot of heat from my GPU's when gaming. They run at ~70C under full load and I can feel the heat from the top fans.

    I know it's the GPU's too, because IBT and max CPU temps result in cooler air than gaming. (And my CPU runs cooler when gaming)

    The heat you are feeling may have nothing to do with your MB.

    Here is me running prime95.

    Should I start GPU stress test also?
  3. You, are overclocked. (your OP said "no overclocking?)

    And by the look of the voltages, it seems it's a "TurboV" (Or whatever ASUS is calling it now) automatic overclock.

    It's a good thing you have that CPU cooler.

    For what you are running all the temps look good. (Including MB temps other than the CPU)
    prime + kombuster.
    Once in a while I would see vcore 0.4+-

    You, are overclocked. (your OP said "no overclocking?)
    And by the look of the voltages, it seems it's a "TurboV" (Or whatever ASUS is calling it now) automatic overclock.

    I am not overclocked. I guess it was TurboBoost or something that automatically changes things.

    I will get numbers while some game is launched. Cause I defiantly have seen PCI-E temp, USB temp in red zone in AI Suite
  5. Your PC idles at 1.6Ghz. It's max speed on all 4 cores is 4.3Ghz. (as shown here )

    That IS overclocked. You probably selected "performance" at some point in the AI suite.

    The stock turbo is 3.8Ghz and that's only when the package doesn't go above max TDB, which for the 2600k is 95w.

    4.3Gz and that voltage is well over 95w. Try inetl Burn test, and you will probably end up between 120w and 130w max CPU power.

    Take it from someone who has an overclocked 2600k: You are overclocked.

    Max stock speed for a load test is 3.4Ghz and mx voltage should be 1.2v to 1.25v.

    You are at 4.3Ghz and 1.344v You really are overclocked and it looks like an "auto overclock" so I'm not surprised you didn't know. You probably made one click that told the MB to overclock your CPU and may not have even known it.

    That being said, it's not a "bad" overclock. Although that voltage may add some wear and tear to your CPU, many overclockers are comfortable with that voltage. (I'm not one of them though)

    I would uninstall the AI suite and go back to factory defaults in the BIOS. Then you will see your CPU when it's not overclocked.

    You USB temp makes no sense. It's probably a bad read or a good read from a component near the USB port.

    Your temps look normal for an overclocked system with the high voltages you are running.

    I have a hard time thinking that everything will be the right temp, but the USB ports of all things are cooking.

    If that's actually the reality, (which I doubt) you have a problem that more fans are not likley to fix.

    You CPU is overclocked and your motherboard is working hard to provide the xtra voltage in a stable manner.

    It's a normal looking situatrion when the overclock and overvoltage is considered.
  6. Well I be damned! You are right. I had multiplier set at 43. Now I've placed all on auto.
    Temp is better, about more FPS in games not sure, have to test more.

    Current AI Suite -
    That what I was talking about, PCIE in red zone, and USB (not now).

    Maybe it misreads, or circulation of air is not good enough, case is under the table in a corner. I will put it elsewhere and see what will come out.

    Big thank you, Z1NONLY!
  7. No problem.

    PCI-e is probably your video card. HWmonitor has at 62-64c. Video cards can take some heat. 64C is not bad for a video card.

    I still wonder about your usb-of-fire readings, but I don't think it means your USB ports are actually that hot. Your AI doesn't even have that temp in red. (I wonder what temp makes it turn red)

    Anyway, You are probably fine on all fronts, but do some research and see what that USB temp is actually measuring and what the proper temp range is. (See if they explain it in your manual)
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