Building best gaming "bang for buck" PC at $1,000

Exactly what the thread title says, the games I would like to play are Battlefiled 3, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Witcher Two, maybe some League of Legends or SWTOR.

I would prefer an upgrade path and the ability to crossfire/sli later on.
Oh, and I already have the OS, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Check my sig. Since you dont need an OS, get the $1000 build with the PSU and case from the $1500 build.
  2. Nice rig, though I don't think I'll be needing a z68, I could save by going p67.
    As for the GPU, a 6970 over a gtx 570?
  3. Personally, I prefer nVidia, so I would go with a 570. They are closely matched cards though so you wouldn't get a huge boost with either one.

    An i5-2500k with either of those gpu's would be the best "bang for buck" pc at this moment.
  4. Would I be able to make a good PC with the 2500k and the 570 with a decent sized SSD or should i forgo the SSD for now?
  5. At a 1k level skip the SSD. It doesn't improve FPS, only boot and load times. (And a snappier overall feel.)
  6. Alright. Would you be able to reccommend me a build? Preferably from newegg
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    fiestaforesta said:
    Alright. Would you be able to reccommend me a build? Preferably from newegg

    NP, btw do you live near a microcenter? And do you have any old Sata HDD's and DVD burners? HDD's have shot up in price due to the flooding in Thailand...

    Ok this is 25 dollars over budget, but if that is a problem I will find combo deals etc to cut down. Also I didn't include a heatsink, which if immediately oc'ing would be a problem. The Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo is a good choice at 35 dollars, but that would put the total up to 1060ish, which would probably be too much. If hard drive prices were better than this would be better...


    DVD burner: Any typical 20 dollar one will work.

    Case: HAF 912, solid case, but you have lots of options and could choose a completely different style if wanted.

    HDD: Basically cheapest solid HDD.

    GPU: EVGA 570 if needed to slim cost, the 448 core 560ti or 560ti/ 6950 would work. Notice the lifetime warranty, EVGA is great.

    PSU: A 750w Antec Truepower. Good PSU, that would run 570's in SLI.

    RAM: Good, cheap 8gb's of DDR3, don't pay for more than 8 gb's running at 1600, it will make minimal difference.

    Mobo: One of the best budget Z68 mobo's at ~125 ASRock Extreme 3 GEN3

    CPU: Intel i5-2500k=best price/performance for gaming. Don't pay for the i7 for gaming.

    Possibly if budget is major concern: 6950 -trouble with this is it is limited edition, so SLI may be hard in the future. Personally I won't SLI until micro stutter is solved. If SLI is definitely wanted. - same warranty as the 570 because of the ar on the end.

    Good heatsink:
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