Suitable z77 Mb for Virtualization.


I'm building a "gamer" pc for my kids (10 and 12 ), that I also can fool around with some Virtualization.

My budget limits me to cpu wise,

And I need some recommandtions regarding the MB, I've been checking out some Z77, I have had a couple of traumatic experinces with ASUS and Gigabyte, and some really good experinces with Asrock boards, and I noticed an "extreme6" TB.

Feelings aside can anyone recommend, a motherboard that suitable for "Virtualization".

Ram wise, is it best with 16gb of really fast ram, or 32gb of say 1866mhz?

With the games my kids play a Radeon 7870 2gb, ought to be a decent choice.

Oh and a nice quite PSU?

Best regards
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  1. Both my Gigabyte (AMD rig) and my Asus (Intel Z77 rig) run VMware well.

    I have never ran an AS Rock MB though. I suspect any decent (reliable?) Z77 board will get the job done.
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