Considering a Move to a Smaller ATX case

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about switching from a midtower case to a smaller ATX case and I'm wondering if anyone has any practical experience that might help me make my decision.

My current system resides inside a Cooler Master CM-690 and I'm thinking about a Lian Li A-05. From what I can tell, the dimensions on these cases are very similar, with the Lian Li being about five inches shorter.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this Lian Li case and could tell me how much of a difference those five inches make?

Additionally, I was wondering what how large a CPU cooler this case can take? I have a Scythe Mugen II.

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  1. I don't have a A-05, but a Fractal Design Arc Mini or the Fractal Design Arc Midi might be a better choice.

    If you're only cutting 5 inches, I don't think it's worth it to buy another case unless you have to.
  2. The Lian Li PC-A05FNA is half the weight of the Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) since its made of aluminum instead of steel.

    Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690)
    (W) 8.38 x (H) 18.98 x (D) 20.67 inch

    Lian Li PC-A05FNA
    (W) 8.27 x (H) 15.16 x (D) 19.69 inch

    The height difference is only 3.82 inches. The height of the Lian Li PC-A05FNA is lower because they moved the power supply mount to the front bottom of the case. You will lose three 3.5” drive bays with the move.

    It's the width of the case that matters when you're trying to determine if the Scythe Mugen II is going to fit. The Lian Li PC-A05FNA is 0.11 inch narrower.
  3. To my mind, smaller is better. Is there a specific objective for your change?

    I have limited depth available where I want to put my pc. 16" is about as deep as I can handle.
    To that end, I have gone to the Micro-ATX motherboard size.

    I happen to like the lian li cases. They are of high quality.
    The A-05 should work out for you. The lian li spec page shows that it can handle a cpu cooler height of 165mm. Your cooler is 158mm.

    I would not worry about cooling; there are two fan outputs (120 and 140mm) for sufficient airflow in a negative pressure case.
  4. Thanks for all your responses.

    I'm considering a smaller case because I'm about to move from a rural area to a much more urban area. As a result I will have a much smaller apartment and will have less space. I'm already probably going to have to downside from three monitors 21'' monitors to one large monitor and I was looking for more ways to save space without rebuilding on a smaller motherboard.

    I guess my question is will this case "feel" much smaller than my current case. I can do the math and see that it has about 30% less volume, but I'm curious about the intangible aspect.
  5. I don't think such a case will feel much smaller.
    If you will rebuild using a ITX motherboard, you will be able to make an impact.

    I have a lian li PC-Q08 which I am planning to use for a gaming build.
    It is 13.58" x 8.94" x 10.71"

    It would be a shame to give up triple monitors. Could you use wall mounts to conserve desktop space?
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