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hello, i have a hp-2200 laptop. it's got a amd a8-4500m cpu, 4gb of ram, a amd 7670m 1gb gpu and a windows 8 64bit OS so i would like to know how it will handle skyrim, bf3, cod4 and WOW. Thanks for your help.. :)
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  1. hi, yes it will. to get the best gaming experience download some software to show your frame per second in games so you can tell if you are getting a smooth framerate...programs such as fraps or msi afterburner...if you are gaming and see the framerate (fps) go below 60 try turning down your graphics settings...if everything is turned down and its still low fps like in bf3 which is very intense game try lowering the resolution
  2. thank you. but where can i get those softwares???
  3. You don't need fraps to verify your FPS. All the games listed have tools and keyboard commands inside the games to see your FPS.

    As a good tool you can use this:

    This will pull all your system information and compare it to the Minimum, Recommended and Max settings for games and will gauge where your computer stands.

    As for just looking at your specs, I believe in order to achieve upwards of 40+ FPS you will need to run low to medium settings. But don't take my guesstimate, look it up on the link I gave you.

    Hope this helps you.
  4. tnq so much...
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