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Recently I have had my flat refurbished which had a phoneline installed and ready to be used however once I came back I have noticed that the connection is no longer in one piece.

*not my picture.
Most of the line coming from this ^ (junction box?) to the master socket has been severed with around 1 meters worth of line is missing.

To add insult to injury, the remains of the severed cable which has bare wires exposed has been painted over and it would also seem the master socket itself is missing.

I'm not currently with any provider at the moment however I'm planning to in the near future, Would I have to pay a technician to rewire the place when I sign-up to a provider? If so what is the estimate cost?

Note:I'm from England and I don't have a clue which provider first installed the connection, I could assume BT.
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  1. Yes, you're probably in the hands of BT. From a legal standpoint you should (strictly speaking) first approach the builders and give them an opportunity to restore the damage, though given the urgency of having phone line a court might acknowledge that you had no time to waste negotiating with people who have already shown themselves to be highly irresponsible. I raise this because getting BT to repair the damage will cost you quite a bit and it is clearly the liability of the builders and you should attempt to recover the cost from them.

    I had a similar situation when I had to move a BT line which used aluminium cores (how dumb is that) which of course broke. It was simple to repair as only two lines of the several cores in a phone cable actually do anything (at least until you start adding extensions). Establishing which are active is simple enough using a telephone and a home rigged junction.
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