Failed BIOS update

[...] I installed a BIOS update the other day and while the update was still in progress my Laptop crashed. Ever since, I cannot boot my device.

I now know there was no need for this update but it has been done and now it is screwed.

As in many forums described my screen also remains black, LEDs near Lock and Roll are flushing, the fan turns on, and the DVD drive makes some noise at the start.

I've got an "HP dv5 1199eg" and have tried to follow the steps to recover my BIOS on the HP web site.

Unfortunately, I do not know if I prepared the USB key properly!?

I also power drained my device, reset RAM and Hard Drive but I still can't get to the BIOS.

Does anybody have an idea what I can do?

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  1. Is the laptop under warranty?
  2. No, it is not :(
  3. No, it is not :(
  4. ouch.

    get in contact with HP, let them know exactly what model of pc you have and request a new bios chip in the mail.

    that or send the pc to HP and have them put the bios chip in for you.
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