How can i tell if i have a 2500k or 2500

I bought a computer from ibuypower it was supposed to have a i5-2500k cpu but when it arrived the invouce said it was a CPU-INTEL-I5-250........Intel core i5 2500 box [3.3g/4m] did i get what i paid for ? please answer, i know they ripped me off because power supply went out in 10 minutes
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    Download CPU-Z and open it. It will load up and tell you if you have a i5-2500 or a i5-2500K.

    As for the PSU, not suprised. I get a lot of brand new Cyberpower and iBuypower PCs in at work that are maybe a week old with bad PSUs or HDDs or other parts.
  2. If they ripped you off, then you have to take action immediatly!!
  3. i would be so pissed >_>
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