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Can I use UATA100 7200 rpm on 3years old P2 300 ?

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February 11, 2001 10:55:01 AM

Can I use maxtor 7200 rpm UATA 100 on 3years old Pentium2 300mhz Intel 440LX PCIset chipset?
I know the chipset doesn't support new Hard disk features but I wonder if it won't crash anything.
I'll buy the hard disk and to use with new system later.
February 11, 2001 11:31:03 AM

Yes you can,UltraDMA 100 is backward compatible with Ultra 66 and Ultra 33 but you only be able to get the full use of UltraDMA 100 if you buy a Controller card for it or a new motherboard that supports it!
Without it you only be able to use it at UltraDMA 33!

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February 11, 2001 1:44:42 PM

I had the same problem, even though the bios cannot support it,there may be a utility that came with the hard drive that will make it compatible. ie I bought a western digital 7200rpm ATA 100 and had to configure the drive to work at ATA 66 so my bios would control it. The utility was bundled software that came with the hardrive. Note..sometimes your better off to use the ide cables that came with the mobo. The ATA 100 cable would not work on my mobo but the original cable that came with the board did. Good Luck!
February 11, 2001 2:04:41 PM

That´s because the cables that came with the drive are 80 conductors in 40 pin and the board´s are the standard 40 pin cable!

Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone