Best Graphics Card for ~$115

a Radeon HD6670?
Nvidia 550ti?

must stay under budget, $120 max if it is worth it. It is pushing a 1920x1200 cinema display.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Nobody is getting their rebates.
  2. The 6790 is a good card for around $120-130...

    But I would pick the GTX 550 Ti over that card anyday if it was in the same price...

    OP, you should check in the classifieds... there's always good cards on there for good prices with folks that have good reps. I think I seen a 550ti for like $105 shipped on there!
  3. icracked said:
    Nobody is getting their rebates.

    I just got mine for a HD6850 from XFX! Probably the reason I did not have to write a review to complain! I always get mine, has something to do with me following the instructions!
  4. For gaming at 1920x1200 you should REALLY up your budget slightly so you can get at least an HD6850 or GTX 460. This GTX 460 for $130 after rebate is the best you can buy with great cooling and a healthy factory overclock(but it can go much higher if you OC on your own.)
  5. imho add a little cash in and grab a 560ti EVGA and you are done. that is the only card I would buy right now and everyone I know that buys that card is more than happy with it.
  6. add a few bucks to your budget and get this

    you also get Dirt 3 free with it :)
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