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i have got my motherbord intel desktop pentium 4 775 processor sometimes it turns on & you can use it until you switch it off ,then when you try to switch it on again , its makes some beeps sound allmost six times please help
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  1. Check in the user guide what the beeps mean. You need to know exactly how many beeps.
  2. If you don't have the owner's manual, get the exact model number off the back of the PC or if it is home built, the model number of the motherboard and the owner's manual should be on-line.
  3. hello
    thanks for your advice , what i did on that motherboard I change the capacitors its now working good .

    i have got another one its not powering on there's only a green light on motherboard if you press the power button its only switching the power light its an HP COMPAQ DC7600 SMALL FORM FACTOR . please help me
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