3930K(6 core sandy bridge) vs 3770k(4 core ivy bridge)


I am about to make some big upgrades from my 9450 I currently have. I do a lot of photoshop work and usualy have quite a few windows open as well as do a lot of high end gaming(sometimes at the same time). I was wondering if I should be waiting for the new ivy bridge that is about to come out or go for the 6 core sandy bridge e that is currently out? I am also looking at changing my current video card from a 275 gtx to either a 7970, 7990 or 680.. Was wondering if I could get some feedback on what I should do.

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  1. Go with the i7-2600k and either a gtx 580 or 680. Photoshop can take advantage of CUDA which makes everything go sooo much faster :)
  2. Wouldn't it be beneficial to go with the newer tech that is about to come out over the existing sandy bridge? I also see that the numbers for the 7970 very similar to the 680, the 7970 is already available? wouldn't getting this or waiting for the new 7990be better? I do usually tent to buy nvidia cards but I try to go with what is the best at the time. My old quad core 9450 lasted me of a long time(5 years or so..) I am hopeing that if I buy smart now I will also be good for a long time. I am also looking at getting a SSD drive(probably the kingston hyperx 240gb one). That with 16 gb of memory for my mb and I should be rocking I figure for a while.
  3. Actually in photoshop, well specifically adobe programs. CUDA is taken advantage of. For example, an i7-2600k will render a video in AE in 20 min, but with CUDA that turns to 5 min.
  4. If you have waited this long, I think it would be wise to see what ivy bridge brings.

    In April, we should see the i7-3770K, the successor to the 2700K which will be priced similarly. It will be about 10% faster, and with the 22nm construction. it should OC better.

    This week should see the GTX680 launch. See what that brings. It should best the 7970 if leaks are true, and priced similarly.
    The GTX680 will be a bit of overkill for gaming on a single monitor. I can't see the value in more unless you will be into triple monitor gaming.
    And, I don't think you can get the CUDA acceleration with the AMD cards.

    With a 64 bit enabled app, plan on buying as much ram as you can. Ram is cheap, and the more you have, the less hard drive i/o you will need to do for work files.
    16gb in a 4 x 4gb kit would be good. About $90. But consider a 32gb kit of 4 x 8gb. Because the 8gb sticks are a bit more expensive, a 32gb kit will set you back $250 or so.
    Also, you will need Windows 7 pro or ultimate to access > 16gb. Fast ram is not needed for sandy/ivy bridge.

    On the SSD, I suggest either the Intel 520 series, or the Samsung 830. They seem to have a better record of validating their products.
    Intel 520 is a bit more expensive, but they have a 5 year warranty vs. the usual 3.

    Whatever you do, you will see a massive upgrade. Enjoy.
  5. I am considering the same thing as the original poster. Everyone keeps saying that SB-E is a waste. I use CS 5.5 and currently have an i7 920. I am concerned about the SB boards that only have 4 slots.

    I have also been hearing talk that they aren't going to be released in April anymore. Some kind of push back on the release date.
  6. If the Photoshop work you do is not professionally then you don't need the processing power of SB-E. For your high-end gaming while quite a few windows are open then you need RAM, 8GB+. You can buy 2 sets of 4gb and have 2 empty DIMM slots free or you can buy a 16gb set of 8gb and then add a second set and have a massive 32gb of RAM. You'll need Windows Ultimate.

    I'll just second amuffin and add that if you don't want to have buyers remorse then wait for IB to see how it stack up. We already know it's gonna be more efficient with a TDP of 77w, whether is faster or not is a mystery.
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