Gigabyte gtx460 superoverclock+sapphire 6970 vaporx

I got the gigabyte gtx460 superoverclock and sapphire 6870 vaporX with both I can't play games without vsync because I get a blurry line going vertically across my screen when I move why am I getting this am I doing something wrong my freind has 2 gtx480
In sli and gameplay is so smooth with same monitor
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  1. Uninstall all video related drivers, download and run driver sweeper( from under safe mode, then install the latest ati drivers.

    If that don't work try one of your friend's gtx480's on your computer to make sure it's not related to your system.
  2. The gtx460 and 6870
  3. You CANNOT use 2 different graphics cards by different vendors to play games.

    I thought you meant using either a 6850 or gtx460, if you bought it with the purpose of using like in an SLI setup to boost performance, you've wasted your money.

    You will obviously have driver and performance issues using them like that, does the line dissapear when enabling vsync?
  4. lol i dont mean both together i try both 1 after the other both have blurry line i try them in other pc and the same :(
  5. So that means the cards are the problem, try doing the driver sweeper thing and if it doesn't solve it then RMA or return them.

    And does the line go away after enabling vsync? and does it only happen when you play a game?
  6. yes only happens when i play a game and it goes when i enable vsync
  7. try cleaning the drivers ad installing newest ones.

    Also if you didn't uninstall the nvidia drivers before puttin the ati card in or viceversa then that's the most likely culprit to the problem, uninstall both drivers clean them then install ONLY the ones of the card you're gonna use
  8. uninstalled nvidia drivers in control panel programs and put my old radeon 4670 vertical blurry line again :pfff:
  9. both machines
  10. Use driver sweeper and uninstall BOTH the ati and nvidia drivers, then install the newest ati ones.

    I must've said it 3-4 times already.
  11. done as u said still the same
  12. The cards are most likely faulty.

    What is your PSU?
  13. What all 3 graphics cards????? LOL OCZ 700w
  14. Try updating mobo BIOS to latest version.
  15. Done that a while ago plus it's doing the same with other machine it's doing it on fps games don't u think could be monitor but maybe not if friends works ok on sli
  16. Tried Sony Bravia same thing really annoying if it's the cards surely it wouldn't stop with vsync either
  17. If you say the cards do that on both machines, then it's probably a hardware problem with the cards, try it on a different OS( ubuntu maybe) and if the problem doesn't show up, then it's something to do with windows drivers.

    Also are you using any adapters to connect the card to your monitor? If so try using a different one.
  18. Have you tried replacing the monitor cable?
  19. ^If it was the monitor cable it wouldn't dissapear magically when enabling vsync.
  20. Are you sure? Maybe it's a cheap chinese cable and can't handle bandwidth over 60 hz. Seems like it would be worth a try since nothing else has worked.
  21. Would a dodgy motherboard cause it I noticed since I've had it it doesn't notice all my ram I got 8gb and it notices only 6gb and yesterday droped to 4gb then back to 6gb after restart
  22. Just remembered tho they do it on my other machine would anyone Recommend getting rid of the cards and buying a new 1
  23. It's weird line disappears when vsync is on maybe a slower card would help or maybe a 120hz monitor ?
  24. Isn't Vsync used to hold a games FPS (frames per second) at the same level as your refresh rate (like 60 FPS - 60Hz).

    What settings do you play at e.g resolution, and whats your Refresh rate set to?
  25. Usually turning Vsync off means Higher frames and you will see tearing across the screen as you turn which is what your seeing right?
  26. Get the blurry line with every resolution but I don't in windowed mode I play 60hz
  27. I get the line when moving forward and turning
  28. Tried radeon 4670 picture quality is better so gonna sell the other 2 what card could I get that Would be good
  29. So your desktop is refresh rate is 60Hz. It looks normal when Vsync is enabled because it stops the fps going above 60

    Its all down to your monitors refresh rate but im not sure if their is any way to fix this. Is 60Hz the highest this monitor will go to?, you could always try limiting the fps which is not always easy to do in games, its an alternative to vsync.

    Oh yeah Does this happen on every game you play?
  30. Please post a picture of the problem OP.

    I thought when you said blurry line it was an actual line in the middle of the screen, NOT tearing.

    If it was just tearing in the end I'll feel stupid, and IT IS NORMAL.
  31. Yeah tearing is normal just use vsync, but vsync does make it feel a bit laggy, so like I said you can always try to limit fps might not make it feel laggy. :D
  32. It's a blurry line that moves when I move it doesn't stay there when not moving il try take a pic and put it up
  33. Thought it wasn't doing it with 4670 but is thought that would be a slower card
  34. Got a screenshot yet?? and it probably would be less noticeable with a slower card due to lower frame rates.
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