Dell Inspiron 620, new motherboard. Will this work?


I am thinking of purchasing this mother board for my Dell Inspiron 62.

My Bios in my current motherboard keeps changing the time to 1600's and did reset, clearned cmos and changed Coincell Cmos, to no avail.

I never done anything custom to by consumer purchase Dell Inspiron 620 so I do not know if replacing the motherboard will kill my computer or something...

It is my first time replacing a motherboard. The only thing I changed was my PSU (It is a 300W at the moment, my old PSU was the same model and voltage but It died and so I got a replacement. Then I started getting the wrong bios time and date)

Thank you!
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    I am facing a similar situation. I am going to be replacing the OEM motherboard in my Compaq because it died completely.

    First of all, changing the motherboard could be overkill. It could still be a minor issue.

    I could not see why that motherboard would not work offhand but without full technical specifications on the computer we can only guess.

    One issue you may run into is the windows installation may need to be repaired or even reinstalled. Then you might have to reactivate windows by phone so I am told.

    Just things to keep in mind.


    Also the memory card reader may or may not work with the new board depending on how it is interfaced.

    More importantly, the board you have linked is a full size ATX board. Make sure the dell case can accept a full ATX motherboard (some only support micro ATX)
  2. First you have to know most of Dell use the other format motherborad/case that is btx.

    When you look at the manaul from Dell, you can see the the front panel mobo connectors (7 and 8) is totall difference between this and regular one.

    So 1) keep your dell or 2) buy the new MB/case, maybe the PSU too and use the CPU, RAM, and DVD, etc.
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