Looking for new case

Looking for new case put together my system with a Antec 900 then realized it had horrible cable management

Mid or full 130$budget
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  1. ok... cheating here it's 147 at amazon but it's awesome... RV-03
  2. Hi, you should give the Corsair Carbide Series 500R White Steel a look.
  3. you are a cheater but i do like sounds like i would need to buy alot of fans to make it work its purpose
  4. not really... it comes with 1 120 top exhaust and 2 180s bottom intake... I had some 7 120s in my old case so I'm all decked out but with the 3 it comes with you should be good to go and can add more in the future if you want.

    Power supply is mounted sideways at the lower front so all cabling is automatically routed through the back

    The extra fans just add more turbulence and cross flow throughout the case... right now I have 4 in the front 1 in the back 2 on top with a push pull on a corsair h60 and the 2 180s on the bottom... their is a spot for one more 120 behind the mobo and I will populate that when I upgrade the rest of the comp in April... probably anyways
  5. ok im gunna give the rv a shot
  6. one thing about it... if you decide to deck it out with fans... the fans for the drive bays are a pain... but the way I look at it... is I've got my fans in... I don't have to do it again... As I said earlier though, they aren't necessary and Silverstone recommends against them if you want a more quiet machine... Though with that it's not very loud with them, but i have noctua p12 fans which are pretty quiet and move a good amount of air
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