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Hello, I am selecting parts for my second gaming rig since my first one (a budget rig that cost me 250) just won't cut it for current gen games. I have everything picked out except for the case however I'm a complete amateur when it comes to hardware so I want to double check everything and make sure it's all good. Of course I did read the reviews for each component to make sure it's not a complete piece of junk. I'm 95% sure everything will work great together but 95% of the people reading this know a lot more about hardware than I do. So here's what I've picked out so far:
Mobo/CPU (combo deal) Core i5 2500k Sandy Bridge / ASUS Sabertooth P67
GPU HD 6970 2GB
PSU Antec Earthwatts 650W
RAM Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600
HD Seagate Barracuda 1TB
Optical Drive Samsung Blu-Ray

And like I said I'm still undecided on the case. Antec has a couple nice ones that I was looking at the:
Antec Lanboy and the Antec DF-85

My budget is $1100-1200 so I have around $150 to spend on a case so I'm open to any suggestions on a case in that price range. I would like a larger mid ATX case or a full ATX case. I have just a few other questions about my build.

1. Is the PSU powerful enough?
2. Is the P67 board basically the same as the newer z68 just without the onboard graphics?
3. And not really a question but I'm open to any suggestions you have to make this build more efficient either performance or price wise or any other suggestions you may have. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me out with this.
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  1. Your PSU should be fine; and while it's not as fancy as some of the others out there, I am a big fan of the Antec Illusion. $40 shipped from Newegg right now. I currently use it along with a pair of HD6870's and with a 28" mon the cards never get above 65 Celsius with max settings in games like BF3.
  2. The Antec Illusion is a nice case. However since I'm spending quite a bit of money on everything else I want to get a case that is a little fancy. That may be vain but its my preference lol.
  3. I would google the compatibility list for your mobo and cross-reference it for your RAM and CPU just to be sure, also. I didn't do this for my system and while I think I have all of the kinks worked out, this step could save you a lot of headache!
  4. So I changed the CPU/Mobo combo deal. Same CPU but instead I'm going to get the
    Asus Maximus IV Extreme Extended ATX

    Will I need a specific type of case for that board? I think it will be nice in case I decide to Xfire or SLI later on. Especially since I'm thinking about just dropping the 6970 and going with 2 GT 560ti's in SLI. I've heard that 2 of those actually outperform a single GT 580 but I've got to read a bit more on that. I should also not that I'm considering upping my budget to $1500 because I heard Newegg will let you charge your order and pay it in monthly payments if it's over a certain amount.
  5. Based on what you've said you're looking for, I thinking any of the cases you'd be looking at would be fine for the mb. Personally, I would go wtih 2x 6970's. They scale incredibly well and are around $40 cheaper/per, I believe. I have a friend who has 2x 6790's and runs BF3 at 60+ FPS @max settings on a 32" monitor. If you aren't aware, this is impressive. Compared to my 28" monitor, which runs at 1920x1200, there are nearly TWICE as many pixels, and my monitor is huge.

    Regardless of the card/s you go with, increasing your limit by $300 will go a long way. If you do end up going with 2 GPUs you'll need a 750w PSU, and make sure it's from a quality manufacturer: Antec, XFX, PCPC, Corsair, etc.
  6. 2x 6790s would be nice on the wallet but I want to future proof this system as much as possible, I'm going to figure out exactly what I want aside from the GPU and probably case because I'm realizing it's going to be hard for me to pick one case lol but once I see how much I have to spend on a GPU and case it'll be easier to make a decision.
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