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SLI gtx 560 ti's

I have a corsair gs 700 Watt power supply, im not totaly sure how SLI wattage goes so thats why im here.

Would this ( link to PSU )
power 2 gtx 560 ti's, as well along with an i7 cpu? Thanks
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    My Corsair HX620HX has been running my 2600K and a pair of OC'd GTX560Ti's since April.
  2. with only 620 watts, by any chance did you have any problems with it at first by using the molex connectors for the pcie plugs?

    Would you happen to know how sli wattages work as well? I don't fully understand it.
  3. I use one dedicated 6pin and one molex connector for each card, combined the wattage for the two cards should be about 340-350w.
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  5. Thank you for the help
  6. NP.
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