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Help! Questions from a first time builder...

Okay, so this is not so much a Build suggestions post but more of a Q and A of opinions in helping me with my build choices and decisions.
So let's get started:

1. I am on a pretty tight budget and have built a PC (virtually) that is slightly over my budget. I included a 120Gb SSD in that build for my OS (Win7 Home Premium OEM) because that was what was recommended for people who wanted to game aswell. My question is: Would it be better to get a 60gb now and maybe buy another one further on down the line for games and the like? Or to wait and save for a 120Gb SSD so that it can contain both?

2. (linked to number 1) How bigger SSD would I have to get to be able to fit Win7 Home Premium OEM on it?

3. As I am a first time buyer/builder I was a bit worried about getting the OEM version of Windows. I have heard that it 'binds' to the system and that if you change/upgrade some parts you cannot reinstall it. Can anyone clarify this for me?

4. What wattage PSU would I have to get to be able to run 2 GTX 560ti in SLI and an overclocked i5 2500k to something like 4.5GHz? Can anyone recommend a brand?

5. Is there any real difference between modular and non-modular PSUs apart from the wiring? Because it seems they cost considerably more than non-modular.

They are all my questions so far, however I will probably be adding more as my time of purchase draws closer. If you can't answer all of them but you can answer just one that would be great and I would be highly grateful!
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  1. Hey Mike, welcome to the forums!

    No problem, you've come to the right place.

    1. Ah, the ultimate question. To buy or not to buy. It really depends on what you're getting! I would save up and get the 120GB though since you'll only have one copy of the OS. You'd probably want to run the pair in RAID 0 which most likely means reinstalling the OS.

    2. Windows 7 home (64-bit, make sure to get 64-bit) uses around 20GB.

    3. Windows links itself to the MB. You can swap anything you want EXCEPT the motherboard. Swap that and you need to buy a new copy of windows.

    4. I'd say 750w is what you want. Antec, Corsair, LEPA, XFX and Seaonsic are all good brands.

    5. Nope, no big difference. Just more convienient.

  2. Brilliant! That is exactly what I wanted, so I will probably just wait a bit longer and get the 120gb, and thanks a lot for the answer about the OEM I was kinda worried that if I changed any part I would have to fork out more money for another copy of windows!
  3. Another question:
    Is it worth buying a case that is USB 3.0 compatible on the front panel? I mean I don't really use that many usb points adn even the ones I do I could just use the back points can't I?
  4. Yup you could just use the back ports. While it's nice it's certainly not necessary.

    Could you post what build you think you're gonna get? A little tweaking and you might be able to get that 120GB now ;)
  5. Okay thanks will do that now.
  6. This is the Wishlist I have put together on my prefered website,,
    I have looked at the costs and including peripherals it comes to about £50 over budget.
    However now that you have said I may need to wait and save for the 120Gb SSD I am prepared to wait if you see any improvements that I could make to the build.
  7. BTW I am always up for saving some cash also if possible... need to save money for Skyrim ;)
  8. Best answer
    Lookin good! You could save some pocket change with this and also gain PCI-E 3.0 compatibility.

    Knock off a few bucks with this ram or maybe this stuff.

    Might also look into getting this case for the same price. Both are excellent, just different styles.

    Here's the big savings. Save £24 with this card. all you lose is the Deus Ex game. But hey, buy Skyrim instead!

    Lots of nickel and diming. But in the end it saves money!
  9. Thank you so much! This has been absolutely great feedback!
  10. noob question how do you select best answer? ;)
  11. The big "select as best answer" button at the top of each reply ;)
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