Gtx 560 ti's in sli, one stops working

Here's the problem:
I bought two EVGA GTX 560 ti's to run in SLI and I have been doing so for about three months. One of the cards has started to make an obnoxiously loud noise coming from the fan so I filed for an RMA. While taking the card out of its slot to send to EVGA the 560 in the slot above it has stopped working. When I plug the HDMI cable into the card there is no display on the monitor. I have tried the broken card in both slots and works in neither. I have also tested the 560 with the loud fan in both slots and it works fine. Only one of these cards is detected in device manager and the Nvidia control pane. I've tried re-installing drivers which has yielded no results. What confuses me is why the card would stop working. I never touched it while removing the one with the loud fan. Do I need to RMA this GPU as well or can this dead card be fixed?

Asrock P67 extreme 4
8gb memory
Intel i5 2500k
2x EVGA GTX 560 ti
750w PSU
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  1. Check both of them in another motherboard or RMA both.
  2. Have you used any other graphics cards on your mobo?
    I would just take them both back, if the new ones you get do anything similar, then id rma the mobo.
  3. ok, i'll just rma both. probably the safest.
  4. Maybe you could try to clean out the one with the loud fan and see if it works. Have you had any issues with your power supply. When you took out the card had you unplugged your power supply.
  5. i've been told by EVGA that it's the fan coil, not something blocking the fan. this card also works fine in both slots which makes me think it's not the mobo. i haven't had any power issues and yes it was unplugged when i removed the card.
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