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MSI 970A-G46 1 Short Beep

Hi all,

First time building a pc. I have an MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard. I turn it on, the lights come on and then I get one short beep. That's it. What is this supposed to mean? Please Help asap. Thank you
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  1. Also my case only came with 2 standoffs but it has these raised spot for the mobo anyway. Do I NEED to use the standoffs? or Am I ok?
  2. One short beep means POST passed.

    Check your video card and video cables. Make sure the monitor works/turns on.

    Everything should be fine. It seems video is not reaching your monitor.
  3. and what about the standoffs do I need them?
  4. It depends on the motherboard itself.
    You *should* have a screw/standoff for each mounting hole on the motherboard itself, that way it doesn't get warped from being hot and cold, causing problems with the circuitry.
    If there is one or two standoff holes on the motherboard that the case doesn't have then it should be too big of an issue, depending on where the holes are at. If you have missing standoffs near the CPU then that is prolly not a good deal. But if one missing on a corner or empty area then not so bad.
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    Also, if you are talking about a punched/raised metal part of the case plate in some mounting positions, and no raised metal, but just a screw hole in other positions, then you need the little plastic standoffs for the screw hole(not the raised metal), and you should just use a screw on the raised metal on the plate.

    Raised metal only(looks like a hump on the plate) = just a screw to the motherboard
    Drilled hole only(metal is flat) = plastic standoff + screw to the motherboard.
  6. There, hope that helps lol
  7. The standoffs are needed or the motherboard will be shorting on the case , and the back panel wont fit into the case properly
  8. Yeah the case just has the raised metal parts and this one weird gold (almost) colored pin thing that stick up through one of the screw holes.
  9. The back panel is in the right spot so I guess I don't need the standoffs.
  10. So that means it's my video card then?
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