6gb ram installed 1.74gb ram usable HELP

6gb ram installed 1.74gb ram usable
any ideas why this is?
64bit os
Laptop had a 2gb ram and a 1gb ram i have replaced the 1gb with a 4gb
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  1. here's my guess, your 4 gig chip you just installed, is either the wrong type of ram, or not seated properly.

    so that leaves you with a 2gig chip, and some of that ram is being allocated for the video card.

    what kind of laptop do you have? (make and model)

    and what kind of ram chip did u just install?
  2. My laptop is a PB easynote TM83-RB-018uk
    The ram is 4GB DDR3 1066 MHz SODIMM Notebook Memory PC3 8500 Ram
    I searched the net and it said that my laptop can take upto 8gb.
  3. Another ting is it wont boot with just the 4gb chip.
  4. try booting with just the new 4gig chip, in the main slot, and leave the second slot empty.
  5. which 1 is the main slot. top or bottom?
  6. whichever one came with the factory 2gig chip in it, most likely
  7. Tried it in both and it wont boot. Surely if it wasnt the right chip it wouldnt show up atall. It sayiny that its being used by reserve memory.
  8. when you say wont boot, youre not getting past the bios? or can u even get into the bios? sorry im a little confused.
  9. Turns on but jst a black screen
  10. starting to sound like to got a bad ram chip there. system works fine with the other ram chips?
  11. Sounds like your memory either isn't compatible (which you show it is) or is bad. It happens. Send it back.
  12. ya works perfect with other chips.
  13. i would say you got a bad chip there.
  14. ok well F**K them anyway. Im gonna ring PB tomorrow and see what they say.. Thaks very much for the advice.
  15. no prob, best of luck.
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