What should my download & upload speed be with 2 MB internet service?

When using Skype I had audio and video, but the video would keep freezing. Therefore a friend suggested I increase the speed at our provider. I just changed my service at the provider from 1 MB to 2 MB. What can I expect for Download and Upload speeds? They seem to still be the same as previous with just 1 MB.......758 to 872 and 105 to108 respectively. Please advise.
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  1. changing the download speed does not mean you upload speed has changed, too.

    it sounds like you have a DSL. 1Mb or 2Mb download but only 192Kb upload.

    the funny thing about ISPs is that they do not have to guaranty the delivery of max speed since they use the term UPTO.

    connect your PC to the modem and test your current speed by using speedtest.net.
    turn off your modem for about a minute and turn it back on.
    next test your speed again
    see if the speed has changed. sometimes the modem needs to be reset to actually get the new faster speed.

    if it is still not what you expected, check you bill to see if it lists what type of connection you are paying for and if it different then the previous bill.

    call you ISP and ask them what the up- and download speed on your account is listed at.
    Then you tell them what you problem and/or measured speeds are.
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