Windows xp reinstallation cd on windows 7

I have a laptop with windows 7 on it and I am locked out I forgot my administrator password. I've read on a few websites that I can reinstall windows on my laptop to reset password.. Is this true, and can I misplaced the reinstallation cd for windows 7 that came with laptop but I have a reinstallation for windows xp for another dell laptop I have. Can I use this cd?
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  1. just crack it.
    download ophcrack
    get the ophcrack Vista LiveCD link. download it and burn it with an iso buring program like imgburn.
    then boot off the cd
    After Ophcrack starts, locates the Windows user accounts, select one account and press the "Crack" button to crack password. it will take some time to crack unless you have a simple password. if your password is over 16 characters this wont work
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