Computer freezes while gaming

Processor: Intel i7 870 lynnfield
Gfx card: Nvidia gtx 280 1gb
Power Supply : Cooler master 600W
Motherboard: DP55WG
RAM: DDR3 4GB (2sticks)

The problem is that my computer freezes when i start gaming..I suspect that it might be a problem with the power supply. Is 600w enough for it? Or should i upgrade to a 750W power supply. What will stop the freezing?
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  1. Use this application and check your hardware temperature. Computer will freeze / lock -up when gaming if there is not enough circulation inside your case.

    If that is not the problem, then it's NOT your PSU! It's something else...

    For example, it could be Anti-Virus issue / conflict?

    Second, please upgrade your graphics driver if you haven't done it.
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    I dont think you have enough RAM
  3. 600W should be enough for what you have to power even while gaming. What game(s) are you running and for how long before issues?
    If it happens as soon as you start gaming, you might check to see if there is a known compatibility issue with between your mobo and GPU
  4. Switched to a 750W PSU..still hangs...Really frustrated..Help me out guys

    Performed a "clean" install of the graphics card drivers

    I dont use an anti virus unless i get a virus.. :D

    Just formatted pc
  5. When you formatted your PC and reinstalled the graphics drivers, where did you get the drivers from? 1) Graphics Card Manufacturer? (best), NVidia? (should work), Original CD (not good), Windows Update (very iffy), Pirate Bay? (hmmm)
  6. Latest drivers from nvidia website
  7. Which power supply? cooler master makes horrible ones..
  8. Cooler master..Turns out the replacements Xfx were supplying me with were horrible..Sold my Gtx 280 and switched to an ati radeon 6770..Couldnt be happier..Playing skyrim for the first time :D and for the first time in a year my computer is working perfectly..Never again will i buy an nvidia or an xfx card..
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